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Student Account Services

Monthly Billing & Payment Options

Monthly Billing Statements & Payment Options

Learn more about the monthly billing statements and payment options.
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QuikPAY Online Billing & Payment System

Your guide to QuikPAY, Rollins College official online billing and payment system students and parents use to view and pay their bills online.  Paper bills will not be mailed.
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Monthly Payment Plan

New monthly payment plan to be available starting the Fall term. Enrollment opens on May 15th.
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Florida PrePaid 

Learn how the Student Services Office can bill Florida Prepaid on your behalf.
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Scholarships, Grants, Loans, Student Work-Study

Explore financial aid opportunities that may be available to help you pay towards your education.
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Employer Reimbursement

Learn more about employer tuition deferment process for Crummer and Hamilton Holt students.
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