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Jewish Studies Program

Jewish studies is the investigation of the religion, history, and culture of the Jewish people and the study of the interaction of this culture with the civilizations of the world.

About The Program

国产偷拍视频The program in Jewish studies at Rollins identifies and combines courses in the departments of philosophy and religion, English, foreign languages, art, music, and anthropology. Time periods and geographical areas covered range from ancient Israel to contemporary American society. The multidisciplinary approach of the program includes biblical studies, history of religions, intellectual history, European studies, art, music, archaeology, literature, women's studies, and philosophy.

Jewish Studies Courses & Requirements
Jewish Studies Minor Map


Who in particular would benefit from this minor?

国产偷拍视频The Jewish studies minor may be particularly beneficial for students interested in graduate studies in religious studies, international politics, history, comparative literature, foreign languages, classics, or ancient Mediterranean studies. In addition, the Jewish studies minor would serve students who pursue the fields of education, social work, communal service, public administration, law, foreign service, the ministry, and/or the rabbinate.

What other benefits does the program have to offer students?

国产偷拍视频You can participate in study abroad programs at the school for overseas students at or at other Israeli universities, take study courses in Israel and go on archeological digs in Israel.

国产偷拍视频The Jewish Studies program has also recently partnered with to bring the students even more opportunities to travel overseas. This program provides semester and year-long courses as well as the opportunity to experience Israeli culture.

国产偷拍视频You can also become active in service learning programs and internships in such local institutions as the , the , the , , and , a Jewish home for the aged.

In the News

Greenberg Wins Second Fulbright Award in Three Years

Jewish Studies Program Director Yudit Greenberg is working to spark an interest in liberal arts and Jewish studies in India.
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Lessons From History

Greenberg's Lecture on Women in the Jewish Tradition: Feminist Responses and Innovations at the Fulbright Commission is covered by the Daily News, Sri Lanka’s national newspaper.

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