My Nails Are Zen-Like



I've got to show off my nails from yesterday, so I'll do a quick blog post about it.


P, a close friend of mine, had a knackering for a foot rub. So, she pulled me along with her for a girlie session of digits-pampering at Zen Spa in Kiulap.


Another chance for me to try out another nail colour from OPI range of nail lacquers! So, check out the choice I made below.


I love this shade!
I love this shade!

Wasn't really planning to blog about my visit to the spa, so I didn't catch the name of this shade. (Note to self : Take note of the product you use, no matter what!)


Anyway, don't you just love the shade?? It's like a deep rosy pink shade, which is just a little different from the usual deep red that I usually get. 


P's stinky toes enjoying the bubbles and suds.
P's stinky toes enjoying the bubbles and suds.
P & my same-coloured toe-nails!
P & my same-coloured toe-nails!

P had the Foot Spa (B$45), while I had the Manicure & Pedicure Grooming combo (B$26).


I was tempted to go for the foot scrub as well, but my feet are EXTREMELY ticklish. So ticklish that it's not even funny! 


Unfortunately, I was too impatient and kind of snagged my pretty fingernails while it was still drying. Pretty fingernails became slightly less pretty. Oh well. My own fault.


Sigh, not even one hour old.
Sigh, not even one hour old.

Gotta say that OPI nail lacquers are DA BOMB! Such an extensive range of colours with a really beautiful sheen to them.


Anyway, that's all for now. Just a short post for now. Why?


Because I'm organizing The Orchid Row Blog's Birthday Game for next week, that's why!!!


I'm not going to say much now, but just watch this blog VERY closely for the next few days!




Zen Spa



Second Floor, Suria Kiulap (near Gadong roundabout).

Tel : 2237 777



Units 5-8, Second Floor, Block C, Delima Square (opposite Hua Ho Delima).

Tel : 2338 877


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    Rina Red (Thursday, 19 May 2011 03:50)

    Again..I have to say...I freaking love your nails! Do they have the Katy Perry range for OPI? :D

  • JimdoBusiness

    Orchid Row (Thursday, 19 May 2011 11:57)

    Hiya Rina! Thanks thanks! They look kinda worn now though. hehe. No, I didn't see an of Katy Perry's range of OPI there. :S

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